Starseed Medicinal is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Mary’s Medicinals to introduce its popular Topical Compounds to our ever-expanding medical cannabis offering. Mary’s is an acclaimed industry leader in cannabis topicals and is widely recognized for its innovative portfolio.

Mary’s Medicinals suite of topicals will be the first of its products available in Canada, and we’re pleased to offer this lineup on its initial launch exclusively to our Starseed patients. The first products available to patients will be a spot-specific balm that comes either in a 1:1 Balanced or a CBD profile.

Mary’s Medicinals Compound

Mary’s Medicinals Compound is a spot-specific balm produced using full-spectrum cannabis extract containing naturally occurring CBD and THC, mango butter and a blend of essential oils.

1:1 Balanced Compound (28g)

THC: 100 mg/g, CBD: 100 mg/g

CBD Compound (28g)

THC: <20 mg/g, CBD: 200 mg/g

What are Topical Compounds?

Compounds (or balms) contain cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants and are meant to be applied to your skin. They offer a smoke-free, easy to administer, convenient and discreet alternative to consuming cannabis.

How to apply it

Cool citrus basil and mango scented, there is an almost-instant cooling effect upon application from the menthol. Apply a finger-tip of balm topically to the target area and avoid broken skin or sensitive wounds. The consistency, although thick at first, melts nicely with the heat from skin.

Quality Assurance

Mary’s is acclaimed for delivering the most advanced, cleanest products on the market. The award-winning technology found in its products is dedicated to pioneering and delivering natural, THC, CBD and other cannabinoid-infused products to positively impact the lives for patients. The extracts and resins are formulated together with naturally sourced mango butter, beeswax and menthol ingredients to produce Mary’s Medicinals topical products .

If you are unsure if topicals are right for your treatment plan, we recommend speaking with a health care professional.

Product Ingredients

  • Cannabis Extract – crude oil extracted from the whole cannabis plant
  • Mango Butter – proper spreading consistency, softer and colorless butter
  • Beeswax – hardens the formulation to the correct texture.
  • Unscented Massage Oil Base – base mixture for the products
  • Menthol – added for scent
  • Natural Fragrance – cool, citrus, basil
  • Oleic Acid – carrier, or vehicle
  • Isopropyl Myristate – skin conditioner
  • Optiphen – a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative system